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I am Bernadette Nepe, my family and friends call me Bern and my 2 gorgeous grandsons call me BB.

Iím a crazy Kiwi that laughs at her own jokes and loves Bali so much that I thought it would be a fun idea to share it with others. When I am not daydreaming about or visiting Bali, you can find me behind a camera enjoying photography or at my actual real job as an administrator. Thatís me in the selfie with wind swept hair, posing, while singing my heart out to Fleetwood Macs best song Gypsy.

I have been travelling regularly to Bali since 2005. After a few girls trips and a fabulous family holiday I hatched a plan to take tour groups to Bali and share the personal insight I had gained from these trips.

My Bali Tours began with an idea to create a bespoke experience in the way of a journey to Bali that would allow women to get out of their comfort zones and be their essential selves for a couple of weeks a year. This opportunity lets us do just that by experiencing the uniqueness Bali has to offer in a safe and fun environment with like-minded women. But not to leave the guys out, I also offer personalised couples and mixed group trips. My aim is to give you all a chance to take off the many hats you wear in daily life and let you wear your own for 10 days to a couple of weeks.

Now lets talk about you Ö Have you ever wanted to experience this exotic island but have been unsure about travelling by yourself. What if everything was organised for you?  Come with me to Bali. For some of you this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, for others the beginning of a sweet love affair for Bali.

Allow me to make this trip to Bali something out of the ordinary for you. Bali is an absolutely fascinating place where East meets West in a vibrant collection of people, sights, food, sounds, culture, religion, art, crafts and of course there is the shopping. Let me escort you on a trip of a lifetime where you will soak in the way of life that is distinctively Bali.  Sometimes in our lives we just need a time-out and Bali is the perfect location to do just that.

These trips have everything ... adventure in the sea and on land, a Balinese cooking class, relaxing spa treatments, shopping, day trips in our own vehicle with our personal driver Wayan, and culture in abundance. Together we will explore Bali and enjoy her peopleís traditions and island life. Relax in the sunshine, enjoy fantastic handpicked 4 star accommodations, have fun and view Bali through the eyes of the locals we meet along the way.

  • Have heaps of fun and come back to your daily lives refreshed and renewed.

  • Enjoy travelling with others who have similar intent and purpose.

  • Experience fun adventures that allow for the spontaneous magical moments.

  • Meet the real people and embrace authentic personal experiences.

I believe that having people of different age groups and experiences is a plus, bringing together an array of knowledge and wisdom, therefore 18 - 99 you are all welcome.





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