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Travel Tips


Checklist:  What to bring to Bali with you 

  • Passport (Ensure 6mths availability before expiry date at time of travel)

  • Sunglasses

  • Sense of Humour

  • Open Mind

  • Not too many bags

  • Sunscreen and Mosquito repellant

  • Positive Attitude

Travel Tips

Time Zones: Bali is 4 hrs behind NZ time. You can Google Earth, what an amazing tool, to see where we will be.

Weather: Very warm and hot.

Drinking Water: You can buy very good bottled water for a nominal price. I advise not to drink or wash teeth in tap water. Most hotels provide good bottled water.

Vaccinations: Generally Bali requires no vaccinations and is a malaria free zone. However, please check with your own G/P for up to date info. Bring insect repellant.

Medicines: Take your own requirements as needed, noting you will need to declare if you are an Insulin Dependant Diabetic or need to carry anaphylactic pens etc. Any concerns speak to your GP. Please keep me updated, if you do have medical requirements.

Roaming on cell phone: Telecom International calling card maybe of use to you. Ring your phone provider for details. Some people are able to receive texts but reception can be variable. You may want to enquire about a world phone. If you have an unlocked mobile phone that takes a SIM card this can be cheaply and easily swapped for an Indonesian SIM card and topped up once there which is a very inexpensive way to keep in touch.  Internet is readily available too.

Orphanage: In my experience if you wish to donate some items to an orphanage, pencils, pens and coloured paper for educational needs is a good option. However I feel the best thing is to donate food if you wish to be part of my contribution while we are in Bali we will phone through a day before too see what is required. Also lots of teenagers here so posters for their rooms will go down a treat.

Current passport: Must have at least 6 months before the expiry date on departure. Good idea to have photocopy of passport in case of loss. Keep in a different place from actual other travel documents.

Money: I always travel with a Kathmandu shoulder bag for cash and important documents and wear it across my body as opposed to over one shoulder keeping it more secure. Money belts or similar recommended.  With regards to which currency to take you should use the New Zealand dollar has a good rate at the moment and is easily exchanged in Bali.  $50 and $100 dollar bills (in good condition) are what I use.  On the subject of spending money $NZ 100 goes a long way in Bali and is what I budget per day for my shopping including meals.


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