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12 Day "Cultural Bali" Itinerary


"A nations culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people"

This trip is all about the fascinating culture of Bali and will include being a part of…the Balinese ‘day of silence’ known as Nyepi day and all the lead up rituals to this day including the Ogah Ogah parade on the eve of Nyepi. We will also experience the charm and wisdom of local life with visits to temples and traditional markets.


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Day One:  Depart from Wellington on an early morning flight. Arrive in Bali in the afternoon and travel to Ubud. Settle into our accommodation, have a meet and greet with each other and get a good rest.

Day Two:  Relax in our new surroundings, go for an early morning walk around Ubud then back to the hotel for breakfast and a debrief about our next 10days. Take this day to get used to our new environment, visit monkey forest and an art museum or two.

Day Three:  Walk the Campuhan Ridge early in the morning before it gets too hot. Visit the Antonio Blanco museum and the traditional markets.

Day Four:  Start the day with an offering class at the hotel, we will make our own Canang Sari to take with us to Tirta Empul (holy spring temple) and Sebatu Holy Water Spring, with the chance to enter the water for a blessing. Optional visit to a Balian healer (this will be by a prearranged appointment so I will need to know well in advance if you want an appointment)

Day Five:  We will travel to Pemuteran today, this is a small fishing village area with the renowned coral reef restoration program in the bay. We will spend Nyepi here. There will be lots of scenic and cultural stops along the way, including the Candi Kuning traditional markets, a stop at Pura Ulun Danu temple at Lake Bratan and a walk to a waterfall.

Day Six:  An early wake up to enjoy the sunrise over the bay. Today we will witness the Melasti purification ceremony. Melasti is held on the edge of the beach with the aim of purifying oneself of all the bad things in the past and throwing that to the ocean. This ceremony involves the carrying of sacred objects that belong to the temples to the sea to be cleaned and purified also. Everyone is dressed in traditional dress and looking spectacular carrying their treasures in procession, this will provide great photo opportunities.

Day Seven:  Today we will visit and snorkel the protected reef of Menjangen Island. A lunch stop on the island will allow us a walk to the temple Pura Gili Kencana with a magnificent statue of Ganesha, before we board the longboat back to Pemuteran.

Day Eight:  A morning off to snorkel and understand the coral reef restoration programme of Pemuteran Bay or just read and relax poolside. In the afternoon we will see the Ogah Ogah preparations and parade down the main street. Ogah Ogah are mythological demonic statues built by local villagers and smaller ones are built by the children. They are carried on bamboo platforms and at each T junction or crossroad they are turned around 3 times counter clockwise so as to confuse their direction in our life and then taken to the cemetery to be burnt to ashes as a symbol of purification and ridding of demons.

Day Nine:  Nyepi Day, the day of silence and reflection, from 6am till 6am tomorrow. Bali is in shutdown mode for 24 hours, no flights in or out, no working, no fires, no electricity, no leaving the home. I cannot wait to witness the stars on this night. We will stock up on supplies the day before as the hotel will be in minimum operation. We will take this day and experience it like a local with quiet reflection of our own lives.

Day Ten:  Post Nyepi day is celebrated like our first day of the New Year and families spend it together. This is our last day in Pemuteran so we will enjoy with a walk at sunrise along the coastline. Another snorkel over the reef restoration, a visit to the turtle hatchery and maybe release one if we are lucky that there are hatchlings ready to be released.

Day Eleven:  Depart Pemuteran and head to Legian via the scenic rice terraced route of the Pupuan area. Stop at a local Warung for lunch and pretty views along the way. Settle into our last nights accommodation and have a debrief over dinner about our time in Bali.

Day Twelve:  Last day to play tourist and buy some souvenirs from the local stall holders in the area, have a relax with a spa treatment before we depart Bali on an evening flight.

N.B We will take care to follow Bali custom on our visits to temples, this means women on their period cannot enter the temple areas or follow in processions. Sarongs and sashes are to be worn in temple areas. We will be respectful and use appropriate behaviour in these holy places.


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